I’ve been thinking a lot about teamwork and collaboration lately. So many tiny little things that make up a flow-state that makes it super fun do cool things together with other people.

It’s a strange balance of thoughtfulness, creativity, and execution.

The whole thing is super messy. Mostly uncoordinated. And somehow you just kinda go with it and make things work. I’ve been having a blast creating an environment that captures this spirit. I honestly love it.

Maybe it’s just the nature of creative work (I don’t think it is) — but there’s something so powerful about getting your hands dirty and making a giant mess to crawl out of. It’s also pretty awful when you can’t crawl out of it lol… but I feel like that’s also a part of the benefit.

There’s tons of science and anecdotal evidence that supports learning through failing, but the interesting thing to me is failing/succeeding as a social and communal dynamic.

Need to gather my thoughts a little more on this, but TLDR I’m having a lot of fun building out the studio and a lot of it is because I’m assembling a really great group of people.