I held my old iPhone (iPhone 11 Pro) for the first time in weeks since getting the new 12 Pro and felt this incredible warmth in my hands as I held it. It felt so natural and in sync. Almost like an extension of me. Funny to me how I didn’t feel this at all during the time I was actually using it.

I immediately picked up the 12 Pro in the other hand to compare and got a little sad by the cold and sharp-edged contrast. But when I looked at closer, there was no question that it was the more beautiful device. It made me want to go out of my way to hold it—even if it meant pain.

This isn’t to say that things can’t be both, but it did make me think more deeply about the intentions behind a product and how they may unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally) influence the way we feel. And how in most cases, there is some kind of compromise made on our behalf to endure/live with them.

Let’s see how long I’m willing to suffer 😜