an image of a cobblestone street with grass growing on it
a room with a painting of people walking down the hallway
a tunnel under a city street
the gravestone of alexander mckinley, son of alexander mckinley
a flower pot on a telephone pole
a pink radiator sitting on a table in a room
a book with a drawing of a cube
a group of people in a restaurant
a person holding a black watch with a red strap
president barack obama in an elevator
harley davidson harley davidson harley davidson harley davidson harley davidson
a black and white drawing of a series of squares
a lemur in a suit with his tongue sticking out
a drawing of a man in a room with arrows pointing in different directions
a building with a clock tower on top of it
a dog sitting on a rug in a living room
a brick wall with a lot of bricks on it
two hard boiled eggs in a bowl on a table
an empty room with two people sitting at desks
an illustration of a woman's mouth with a globe in it
a bottle of wine with a whale on it