I’ve been using the iPad Pro for about a week as my daily driver. I haven’t had this much fun using a "computer" in years. It’s not perfect. Certainly not a work machine. But it makes me happy. It makes my computer feel like a paintbrush. More specifically: physically interacting with my ideas, redefining digital capture and helping me combine layers of information across my process.

a screenshot of a keyboard with an orange circle on it

It’s not fun to type on and the ergonomics aren’t great, but as a creative tool it doesn’t get any better. Versatility and the ergonomics also make it a more compelling option to the average person. I actually think there will be a dramatic shift to tablet computing over the next 5 years. Computers are making natural input far more efficient, and software advances like AI and ML are making it possible to imagine a world where we can write, speak, and show our machines what we want them to do instead of typing with a keyboard. Apple making form of iOS with iPadOS is a pretty clear signal in this direction. Having used it for a couple weeks now, I’m very excited to see what they’ll be able to come up with to fill in the gaps for a desktop class multi-touch ecosystem.

Some apps that have really stood out to me so far: Keynote, Darkroom, and Concepts. My daily usage involves a lot of browsing, saving photos and links, doodling, note taking, and photo editing.